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We develop plans of support with clients, based on their individual needs, and provide care both in and out of the home. We help clients with tasks and activities at home but also with accessing training, education and social and development activities in the community. Our small (but growing) dedicated, fully trained staff team focus on enabling people through rehabilitation to reduce isolation and to gain and retain as much independence as possible. We can also offer a sitting service to offer respite for family members, enabling them to take time out and recharge.


We are working to become the service provider of choice across the County for individuals, families and carers, as well as professionals, developing a person-centred approach and giving our clients confidence in the high quality of service we provide.

If you would like to know more about our service, or if you like to speak with someone about what assistance we can offer, please  check out Envision website or give us a call on 01202 207320.

What our clients say about Prama’s Brain Injury Service:


Mr A.G. June 2018:

“I would like to say how very helpful and supportive my BIS worker is! Any problems or situations I cannot understand, he helps in a very understanding way. He will also correct me if I get upset and confused - this is done in a caring way and very supportive, and I feel he needs to be commended on his professional work ethic. Great person!”


Mr R.D. June 2018:

“My care support worker is caring and kind. Helen spends time listening to me and always asks what I would like to do on support time. She always remembers my birthday and always takes time to help me see my mum. She always allows me to listen to my chosen CDs in her car. She helps me choose extra activities when I have saved up for them; this has included going on the Santa Express, cinema, and the tank museum. She helps me buy my football and wrestling magazines every week. She supports me to have lunch out where I choose to go and supports me with my blood levels for my diabetes. When weather is good she supports me to go for walks to keep me healthy and fit. She is always kind and respectful towards me.”


What our staff say about Prama’s Brain Injury Service:

Diane Evans - Brain Injury Service Manager:

“Our role in reablement is to give our clients their very best chance at making improvements through engaging in different community-based activities or approaches. We aim to enable our clients to retain as much independence as possible, including working on skills and aspects of their lives they may be struggling with. The support we provide for family members and carers is essential for their well-being, providing space to be themselves and retain their own identity and independence.”

​ A.B. Reablement Support Worker

“I received brain injury education in addition to other training and achieved my NVQ 2 in Health and Social care. I enjoyed learning about brain injury and how it affects an individual and their families, and I have gained vital experience working with individuals who were living with brain injury.”

Prama provides outstanding domiciliary care to adults in Dorset living with vulnerability, frailty, dementia and , since 2016, also those with an acquired brain injury. We work to offer people the opportunities and support they need to live independently with the high-quality care they deserve.


Prama’s excellent reputation for domiciliary care has been built on a strong foundation of Christian values, but it is not an exclusively religious organisation, and our staff and clients come from a variety of faiths, or indeed no faith. The core Christian values of love and care underpin our services and can be shared by all.


The Brain Injury Service sits comfortably within the Prama Care part of the Prama Foundation family of charities, and benefits from Prama’s many years of professional processes and procedures, developed and updated over years of exemplary service to our clients.