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If you are returning to work and looking for care for a loved one

If you have been looking after the needs of an older loved one or neighbour but you now are having to return to work, here are some FAQ's about care at home with PramaCare

Do you have proper Personal Protection Equipment to keep my loved one as safe as possible?

Yes - We have been building stocks from the Government and the Local Authority approved suppliers, to ensure we have enough on an ongoing basis for every single one of our Care Support workers. Do you still look after people if they have the Coronavirus? Yes - Our teams are robustly trained in infection prevention and control, and we share updates with our staff as new guidelines are announced from the Government.

Can you offer short term help? Yes - If your loved one needs help while they are sheilding, or coming home from hospital, we can meet these needs. You will be able to call our team for details between 7am and 11pm, 7 days a week, or submit a form and someone will get back to you. We know that often, you need care 'now' we aim to get the situation fully assessed and your care package started at a time to suit you.


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