We have care support workers waiting for you.

We are grateful to all of our care support workers, as well as those that have returned to us, from other roles, or from retirement. For us that means that no client calls have had to be cancelled, and we have additional capacity to take on new clients. If you are looking for help at home for yourself, or for a loved one, give us a call and our knowlegeable team will talk you through options for help and care, along with costs. One full hour of 'Outstanding' (CQC September2019) PramaCare costs just £22.90.

We are available everyday on 01202 207300 option 1

Our team are trained in infection prevention and control, have personal protention equipment for use as set out by the Government and Public Health England. We look forward to hearing how we can help.

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Prama Head Office

1 Moran House

Holes Bay Business Park

Sterte Avenue West

Poole, Dorset

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CALL 01202 207300

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