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A Day in the Life of a Prama Care Support Worker

We would like to share with you some insight into life as a care support worker. Perhaps you are considering a career in the care sector, or you have a loved one who has care in the home and would like to know more about what is involved. Here Glenda shares a day in the life of a CSW for Prama.

"We are only a small part of a person's day; sometimes the only person, yet when a meal is prepared with just the right amount of gravy, a bed left unmade rather than being too hard to untuck to get into, a hard-to-reach back washed with the right water temperature and with just the right pressure 'oooh just there,' these little things are part of the daily variety of a Support Worker's life.

Yes, there are rotas, rules and legislation to follow, traffic, travel time and congestion to deal with, paperwork to complete accurately, but getting someone's pillow in just the right place, their shopping bought when it's a struggle to walk, a visit to the Park to feed ducks, to look at the sea, make plans, reminisce, makes the day complete.

In these current social-distancing times, with outings curtailed & minds working over time, provoking anxiety, Prama's values - are even more applicable".


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