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Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

We would encourage anyone needing clear and unbiased advice to refer to the Gov.uk (gov.uk/coronavirus) and Public Health England and NHS official websites only. There is a lot of inaccurate, misleading and potentially dangerous information circulating on social media and news platforms. We can all play our part in keeping ourselves and others safer by following the official guidance and encouraging others to do the same.

Information surrounding the coronavirus outbreak and how we are required to respond to it is developing on a daily basis. Be assured that the PramaCare management team are reviewing the specific official briefings for social care providers  as well as the wider public advice on a daily basis and responding as necessary to the official Government and Public Health England guidance and requirements.


Pramacare managers are reviewing updates from official Government, Public Health England and NHS sources on a daily basis. We are following the guidance briefings that are being issued specifically to care professionals and responding according to the directives we are being given in order to support the national effort to minimise the impact of this illness. 

Responding to the coronavirus primarily requires the same good practice and infection control as we would expect our staff to be following at all times anyway – frequent handwashing with soap and water and the use of gloves when carrying out personal tasks. If you feel at all anxious about a team member not washing their hands sufficiently at any time, please feel free to request that they do it again and report this to the Care Centre if you are not satisfied. Wearing of masks when people do not have symptoms is currently being advised to us as NOT being of value and national supplies are limited to essential situations only, so please do not expect our support workers to be wearing as mask.

We are currently experiencing some staff absence due to people needing to support other family members or being required to self-isolate for other reasons. If the numbers affected grow in line with current predictions, it is possible that we will have reduced staff availability over the next few months. If this occurs, our normal “major incident” procedures will be implemented (as used when we have severe weather for example). This may mean that we need to change the carer that attends your visit, or the timing of it. It may also lead to us only being able to attend a reduced number of visits. We will communicate with you individually about any changes and make every effort to meet your specific needs but would ask that you are as flexible and understanding as possible while we respond to these unusual circumstances. 

If you are formally tested and diagnosed with COVID-19, let the carers who visit you know and they will report it to our Care Centre. The public health team should also be in contact with us to help inform any particular arrangements for your continued care. 

If you develop the SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS of this illness – a new continuous cough AND/OR high temperature (of 37.8 degrees centigrade or higher) - please contact NHS111 by phone or online and follow their instructions. You will probably be required to self-isolate. Please let us know if this is the case. Just because you or someone else in your household are asked to self-isolate does not mean we have to stop visiting you for essential care – we may just need to have particular work-practices in place with your specific care team. This too may mean a change from your usual carer, or a change to the timing of visits. Visits for non-essential tasks may be reduced or withdrawn, but these will be discussed with you or your representative. We will work with you and other health services to ensure you are supported as fully as possible.

We have already tested our systems with some people working off site to reduce the risk of infection spreading among the support teams. The Care Centre team are fully able to work from home-locations and can remain connected to our phone and computer systems, even if they are required to not be in the office for any reason. Therefore, you can continue to use the same contact numbers and email addresses, and these will connect directly to our regular staff team to ensure continuity of service.

I hope this brief outline assures you that we are continuing to operate with the intention of delivering the high standard of care and support that our clients both expect and deserve. If you do experience any shortcomings, please do still let us know so we can do our best to correct it, but we also ask for your grace and patience as we adjust along with the rest of the country to a challenging and rapidly changing situation.  

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to be in touch on 01202 207300 or email care@pramacare.co.uk